Friday, April 18, 2008

Eva Longoria is a successful in hollywood

Eva Longoria is one of the most successful examples of how shameless self-promotion, gritty determination and a certain dose of relentless narcissism can turn you into an internationally acclaimed star. Longoriastarted out acting in soap operas and doing poorly-received, straight-to-DVD movies, had her break once "Desperate Housewives" became an overnight hit, and used that as starting point for fulfilling the Hollywood version of the American dream.
Eva courted the media and allowed it access into her home, sold the exclusive rights for her wedding photos and generally did what had to be done in order to keep herself in the headlines. In Hollywood, that usually includes posing in a cute once in a while – and with Eva's contract with Bebe Sport, she can now cross off " cute shots" from her "to do" list.
Once her celebrity status had been confirmed by the phenomenal success of "Desperate Housewives", Eva's priorities were crystal clear. She became rich, married a nationally-acclaimed basketball player who incidentally is a lot younger than herself, and cultivated her allegiance to the the "skinny, white, socially privileged" circle of Hollywood fashionistas to the point where she ended up befriending the notoriously arrogant Victoria Beckham. She also cultivated her "supermodel" allure – despite being just 5 ft 0.25 in, Longoria made a name for herself as a nationally recognized model, mainly by fronting several high-profile advertising campaigns and appearing on the cover of high-profile men's magazines.
All this resulted in Eva eventually winning a People's Choice Award for Best TV Actress last year, and in addition to her model contracts with L’Oreal and Hanes landed yet another contract as the first face of Bebe Sport. Which leads us to these newly-released promo shots from their most recent advertising campaign, featuring a heavily airbrushed Eva strutting around modeling several extremely pieces. Which goes to show that with natural good looks plus the proper lighting, a lot of make-up, the right photographer and a whole lout of photoshop you can turn into a hugely successful star without too much fuss. And then you can start doing all the cool things, like marrying a famous athlete and opening your own restaurant. Have a look at Eva's new spread and enjoy. Read more....

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